Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Drawing II Room Project: Ellie from Pixar's "UP"

Just finished up a new project for Drawing II in which we had to create a room for a known character.  I chose a younger version of Ellie from Pixar's "UP" to be my character.  We had to create a plan view of the room, two lighting studies (marker), ten thumbnails, 3 value studies for 3 thumbnails (marker), 3 color studies for 1 thumbnail (marker), 2 analogous color schemes (adobe kuler/photoshop) and a finished analogous piece of the chosen shot (acrylic/marker).  My goals were to push my compositional skills and bring this piece to a further level of finish.

Here is some of the process.  I will post the final up after crits.

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  1. Great perspective and design work! Love your color choices as well. I totally wish that was my room, lol! (Fireplace and reading window ftw)