Sunday, June 24, 2012

The glade

I feel really lucky to have had the time this weekend to finally tackle a new painting project.  Thanks to Evan and Carla for critiquing this, even though I didn't fix everything :(


I really owe it to Victor, who has helped me time and time again and continues to be a constant source of inspiration to me.

Also, i'm cleaning out my brush sets... if anyone wants a ten-set of chalk sketching brushes, send me a message.


  1. looks awesome MJ! soooo beautiful, you've improved so much!

  2. Hi i just saw you got an amazing brush set, can i have them please ? :)

    1. Yes, of course! I can send you my current set which is a bit updated from this, just leave a note/message me with your email and I will send them to you.